Watch a Tipsy Chrissy Teigen Throw Out the First Pitch at the Dodgers Game

50 Cent Can't Throw
The rapper really botched his first pitch attempt.
Chrissy Teigen likes to have fun.

So, fittingly when the 28-year-old supermodel was tapped to throw out the first pitch in last night’s Los Angeles Dodgers game, the bubbly brunette apparently decided to have a few cocktails to loosen up beforehand.

Teigen, whose dad was making margaritas before his daughter took to the mound, sent out this tweet to her nearly 500,000 followers.

Following her drunk admission, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit babe posted a video of herself practicing with her pops.

Well, evidently being hammered helped Chrissy, um, nail it! (That pun was for her.)

Check out the video above to see Mrs. John Legend show off her sporty side.