‘Arrow’ Star Colton Haynes Live Tweeted a Couple’s Awkward First Date

Colton Haynes Spoofs
Colton poked fun at Jennifer Lawrence's Globes dress.
What does one do when one witnesses a couple’s awkward first date? Tweet about it! That’s what Arrow star Colton Haynes did last night!

Colton was at dinner when he overheard a couple next to him having their first date. The date wasn’t going well, so Colton couldn’t resist tweeting everything that went down. Find out what happened in the series of tweets below. Trust us, this will make your day! 

The 26-year-old actor started out by informing his followers that the date needed to be live tweeted. Then off Colton went detailing the cringe-worthy conversation between the couple. Enjoy!























Thanks Colton, we love you for this!

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