Through the Years: A Look Back at Avril Lavigne’s Career Evolution

Miley vs. Avril
The two singers let loose on each other in Canada.
Avril Lavigne was the true reason why in 7th grade I wore studded belts and bracelets and lots (and lots) of black eyeliner… She was the start of the punk rock evolution for girls, and everyone’s favorite sk8ter grl (I may or may not have had an aim screenname similar to that in middle school).

Since releasing her debut album in 2002, the Canadian rock star has jumped to world fame, releasing four more albums, dating several famous faces–including Brody Jenner–and eventually marrying one (Chad Kroeger) and started a family.

While the 29-year-old punker may not be on any of our favorite playlists today, especially following her controversial (maybe racist) “Hello Kitty” music video, she’s still managed to create and hold an incredible fan base, getting some of her most dedicated followers to spend $400 just to stand near to her in a photo.

Not to mention, she’s still favored over Miley Cyrus as the most famous person in Canada.

Launch the video above to see her full career evolution!