Tyra Banks Says Lindsay Lohan’s Not Involved in ‘Life-Size’ Sequel, Yet

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Tyra banks lashes out at the modeling industry.
Will Lindsay Lohan appear in Life-Size 2? Her former co-star Tyra Banks isn’t sure.

Tyra appeared on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live and talked a little bit about the sequel to the 2000 made-for-TV movie. It turns out, Tyra is executive producing the new film, so she knows everything going on behind-the-scenes. Check out the video below to hear Tyra spill sequel secrets!

When a caller asked Tyra if Lindsay would appear in the Life-Size sequel, Tyra revealed they hadn’t spoken with her yet! She told viewers, “Right now we haven’t spoken to Lindsay, but you never know!” Tyra then came up with a hilarious impression of a grown-up Lindsay playing her character. The video below will make you LOL!

When Life-Size first premiered in 2000, it was a huge success. Lindsay starred as Casey Stuart, the girl who accidentally brings her Eve Doll to life while trying to bring back her deceased mother. Tyra played Eve, the gorgeous doll who ends up catching the eye of Casey’s father. While Casey and Eve have a rocky relationship at first, the two become friends and help each other navigate their way through the human world.

Lindsay and Tyra had such great chemistry together, we can’t even imagine the sequel without both of them! While Lindsay is busy for the next few months doing a play in London, we think production can wait until her schedule clears up! Come on Lindsay, this could be the next step in your big comeback!

How do you feel about this news? Do you think Lindsay should be in Life-Size 2? Sound off in the comments!