Chris Brown Posts, Then Deletes, Photo of Himself Licking a Woman’s Butt

Recent gainer-of-weight and prison releasee Chris Brown certainly knows how to generate headlines, though nearly none of said headlines relate to his music or role as an entertainer.

Early this morning, Brown posted a photo of himself licking a woman’s butt to his official Instagram account. Like Justin Bieber, Brown appears to be skilled in the art of social media manipulation and deleted the photo almost immediately. But nothing disappears completely from the internet.

Here is the photo, which you probably didn’t want to see, but you’re going to look at it anyway because it’s human nature to be curious:

[Photo caption: Eat da booty! #idgt lol”]

Buzzfeed notes that the photo is actually a screenshot from Brown’s 2010 music video, “No Bullsh*t.” Here is a similar still from the video:

Why would Brown share this photo? There is no good reason, but one reason offered up by Kollege Kid is that this relates to the “Eat a Booty” movement started by Tricky Daddy.  As for the “#idgt” hashtag, it supposedly means “I don’t get tired” and refers to a radio interview given by rapper Kevin Gates, who claimed “I don’t get tired” when talking about eating, ya know, booties.

So what say you? Are you going to join the Eat a Booty movement? Have we destroyed your appetite? Can we all agree that celebrities should be banned from social media? Let us know what you think about all of these things, and more, in the comments.