Conan O’Brien and Larry King Shared a Pot Brownie Last Night, Apparently

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even more celebrities who smoke weed
These celebrities are all about the Mary Jane...
Enter Conan’s pot brownie treat.

“Our producers are telling us it’s not legal, go ahead I don’t care,” Conan delightfully announced before King personally ripped pieces of the brownie for himself, Conan and Andy Richter.

It’s unclear whether or not the gentlemen experienced any of the effects: pot brownie usually takes a good hour or so to kick in. So ignore the singing bit from King after he consumes his share.

All in all, quality television here, folks.

Now, if only Snoop Dogg/Lion could get either of these guys to guest on his wonderful GGN show.

Watch Larry King and Conan O’Brien enjoy a pot brownie, above.