Jane Fonda Has a $300 Ryan Gosling Chair, Folks

And it feels so good. More on Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin's new Netflix series.
If Jane Fonda wanted to, she could sit on Ryan Gosling’s face. Really.

On Thursday, the 76-year-old actress was spotted on the Malibu set of her new Netflix series Grace and Frankie. During one scene, Fonda kept close to a chair that had a Ryan Gosling seat cover.

As pointed out by the folks at Vulture, you can acquire this piece of furniture for a cool $300 (that’s the sale price, too) over at Gilt. It’s currently sold out. So while you wait for that status to change, I’d suggest stocking up on these pillows and other things here. (I’m going to order the Hey Girl one, I think).

Grace and Frankie, set to premiere in 2015 on Netflix, will reunite Fonda with the great Lily Tomlin and follow a pair of longtime enemies in the last chapter of their lives (I think the show is supposed to be less morbid than it sounds). The show, created by Friends alum Marta Kauffman and Sullivan & Son’s Howard J. Morris, also stars Martin Sheen, Ethan Embry and Brooklyn Decker.

Launch the gallery, above, for more set photos from Grace and Frankie, featuring Jane Fonda and her Ryan Gosling chair.