Kim Kardashian: I'll "Probably Be Pregnant" Soon

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SomeoneĀ better start coming up with good baby names that goes well with "West" because Kim Kardashian is already thinking about having a second child.

In an upcoming episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the reality star tells her grandmother, Mary Jo Shannon, that she'll presumably be knocked up by the time construction is finished on her $11 million Bel Air mansion -- the one that she is planning to flip and sell so she can move into a much, much larger $20 million estate in Hidden Hills, Calif.

"This is gonna be the second kid's room," Kardashian tells her grandma while giving her a tour of her family home.

"You mean guest room?" Shannon attempts to correct her.

"Kid's room," the 33-year-old replies, before adding, "You never know. I feel like by the time we move in, I'll probably be pregnant."

Well, given that Kardashian and her husband, Kanye West, have just ditched their plans of building their "dream home" to move into an already-renovated mansion atop of three acres of land, maybe North West is going to be a big sister a lot sooner than we thought. Just saying.



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  • graciesgoldstar

    yeah right she hated being pregnant the first time conveniently claiming complications necessitated a premature delivery and a low birth weight baby. her and Kanye hardly pay attention to North so having another child is wrong

  • cassac103

    it only makes sense to name the next baby South. That goes perfectly with West.