Steve Buscemi’s Elementary School Yearbook Photo Is Everything You’d Expect it to Be

I’m sure you’ve already at some point in your life pondered as to what actor Steve Buscemi looked like in elementary school.

Well, thanks to a Vulture writer’s mom, we have his elementary school yearbook photo to help answer that question.

Jesse David Fox writes:

Steve Buscemi and my mom grew up in Valley Stream, Long Island, at the same time. They didn’t go to the same elementary school — Buscemi went to Clearstream; my mom went to Forest Road (where I also went years later) — but they shared a school district — District 30. As a result, they were in the same yearbook, which, fortunately, my mom kept.

Steve Buscemi Yearbook School photo

My favorite part of Steve’s look back then is his trademark side-swept hair, which he is still is sporting today.

The fact that this photo exists makes me oh so happy.