Steve Buscemi’s Elementary School Yearbook Photo Is Everything You’d Expect it to Be

Michael Prieve | August 8, 2014 - 7:00 pm

I’m sure you’ve already at some point in your life pondered as to what actor Steve Buscemi looked like in elementary school.

Well, thanks to a Vulture writer’s mom, we have his elementary school yearbook photo to help answer that question.

Jesse David Fox writes:

Steve Buscemi and my mom grew up in Valley Stream, Long Island, at the same time. They didn’t go to the same elementary school — Buscemi went to Clearstream; my mom went to Forest Road (where I also went years later) — but they shared a school district — District 30. As a result, they were in the same yearbook, which, fortunately, my mom kept.

Steve Buscemi Yearbook School photo

My favorite part of Steve’s look back then is his trademark side-swept hair, which he is still is sporting today.

The fact that this photo exists makes me oh so happy.