Watch: ‘What If’ Stars Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan Discuss Romance and Relationships

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In What If, a new romantic comedy starring Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe and Ruby Sparks’ Zoe Kazan, the two meet at a party, have an instant connection and then promptly decide to be “friends.”

Chantry (Kazan) has a boyfriend and Wallace (Radcliffe) reluctantly agrees to accept the terms of their friendship. It doesn’t stop the star-crossed soulmates from developing feelings for each other however.

Celebuzz sat down with the Daniel and Zoe to talk about their personal experiences with the “friend zone,” what they find romantic and why lusting after someone doesn’t necessarily mean you should date them.

Radcliffe, who has officially shed his wizard cloak and wand with this latest role, told me he considers himself both “practical” and romantic when it comes to relationships, while Zoe revealed it’s the little things her boyfriend (Paul Dano IRL) does for her that mean the most.

Check out our chat above.




What If, also starring Adam Driver, Megan Park and Mackenzie Davis, opens in limited release today.