The Cutest Celeb Kid Pics of the Week- 8.9.14

North West Photos
Baby photos of Kim Kardashian's adorable daughter!
If anyone can put a smile on Kanye West’s face, it’s definitely his adorable one year old daughter, North West! *Cue the “awwwws”*

His wifey Kim K, along with a bunch of other celebs, shared some super sweet pics this past week featuring their little ones, flooding Instagram feeds everywhere with their cuteness. Jenni “Jwoww” even found some time in her busy, new mommy schedule to share some adorable photos featuring her, fiance Roger, and of course their little baby Meilani (she’s now only four weeks old)!

So get ready to have a smile on your face as wide as Kanye’s because we rounded up the cutest celeb kid pics from this past week! Launch the gallery above to see them and let us know in the comments below which pics were your favorite!

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