VIDEO: Ariana Grande’s Brother Exposes His Identity on ‘Big Brother’ Live Feeds

You'll have to wait for that Bieber/Grande mash-up.
It had to happen eventually.

Frankie Grande, brother of pop superstar Ariana Grande, has finally revealed his identity to those pesky Big Brother housemates of his and, as is with everything on that show, it was all caught on camera.

In an attempt to save his game following a lot of sh*t stirring during this past weeks live double-eviction, Frankie sat everyone down in the house’s living room for the announcement viewers have waited for all season.

The 31-year-old Youtube celebrity, and former Broadway baby, has been, up to this point, reluctant to share the news to anyone other than the viewers at home, simply because it probably would’ve had an affect on his gameplay. Turns out, his little sister thinks the move might’ve given him the boost he needs to stay alive in the crazy summer reality competition.

Ariana has been super supportive of her brother’s turn as a reality star, even making an appearance in the audience at the aforementioned live eviction episode. It’s worth a ponder though, whether the houseguests will believe Frankie’s claim that he’s always planned on using any of his potential winnings to help out a charity in need.

We don’t want to spoil anything for the Big Brother fanatics out there who aren’t watching every moment on the Live Feeds, but, needless to day, Frankie’s announcement has excited some and irritated others.