WATCH: Ali Larter Announces Her Second Pregnancy on ‘The Tonight Show’

Watch Jimmy throw balls at Julia Roberts' face.
Second times a charm!

After announcing her first pregnancy to Jimmy Fallon back when he was still slumming it on Late Night, Ali Larter must’ve been thrilled to announce her second, on The Tonight Showin front of a much bigger audience.

Ali, who was on hand to promote her role on the new spy-drama Legends, told Jimmy that she’s fully taken advantage of the on-set craft service table in an effort to excuse her very visible baby bump. You’ve got to watch the video reveal to see the other fun, and sexy, ways Ali’s been using to hide her ever-growing belly.

Ali, 38, and her husband, 37-year-old Hayes MacArthur, welcomed their first child Theodore back in 2010. He’s apparently already excited for his new sibling, who Ali’s convinced loves Batman as much as little Teddy.

Probably best known for her roles on Heroes, Final Destinationseveral Resident Evil flicks and in Legally Blonde, it’s exciting that she’s sticking to her guns and coming back to our TV’s this fall.

Legends begins August 13th on TNT and also stars Sean Bean and Tina Majorino.