That One Time ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Star Kate Mulgrew Hung Out with Hillary Clinton

Mary Steenburgen joins 'OITNB' for its third season.
Orange Is the New Black star Kate Mulgrew has gotten pretty good at throwing it back on Instagram, but her latest post chronicles a pretty epic meeting between herself and, at the time, the First Lady of the United States, Hillary Clinton.

It was the 90s and Kate, who currently plays the power hungry Red on OITNB, was still captaining the cast of Star Trek: Voyager. Along with power publicist Scott Gorenstein, she made it into The White House for an encounter with the woman who may or may not still be eyeing her husband’s old office in the West Wing.

Gorensetin actually shared the photo first, captioning it, “#Repost from @scottgorenstein — Kate and I went to The White House!! #katemulgrew #kate #thewhitehouse #startrekvoyager #captainjaneway #hillary #clinton #hillaryclinton #’90s.”

It seems fitting that the first woman to ever be cast as the captain on a Star Trek spin-off should meet the woman who’s gotten closer than anyone to being the first female President of The United States.

And if you’re in the mood for more 90s throwback action, Kate’s Instagram has plenty to go around.