Josh Henderson Reveals What Fans Can Expect Next on ‘Dallas’

Mark your calendars! Dallas is back on TV next Monday night and things are getting wild!

One of the stars of Dallas, Josh Henderson, played in friend Josh Hutcherson’s charity basketball game on Friday and we were lucky enough to talk to Henderson about the show and the event! Henderson revealed what we can expect on the upcoming episodes of Dallas, plus he told us why it meant so much to him to participate in the basketball game. Check out what he had to say below!

Okay Dallas fans, we’re just one week away from the big summer premiere! The second half of season three is definitely going to be intense. Are you ready? Henderson plays John Ross Ewing on the show and we asked him what we can expect from the summer episodes. Henderson revealed, “It’s crazy! Every episode is explosive and ridiculous and our fans are going to love it. Everything they love about Dallas, the last eight episodes or seven episodes I guess, it’s like a roller coaster the entire time.” We can’t wait!

Henderson played in the 3rd Annual Josh Hutcherson Celebrity Basketball Game on Friday, an event put on to support the Straight But Not Narrow organization. When we asked Henderson why it was important for him to support the event he told us, “Josh (Hutcherson) and I have been buddies for a long time and I know this is a big deal to him. I came last year and it’s just such a great cause and at the end of the day, we want people to be happy in their own skin and not feel uncomfortable with who they are. It’s all about equality and being who you are, so I’m all about that. I get to meet people in this industry that come from all walks of life, and my fans are from all walks of life, and I want them all to be comfortable with who they are, so I love supporting this.”

Josh Henderson

When we asked Henderson what he did to prepare for the big game he said, “What I did to prepare for tonight was not play a single second of basketball since last year. So I’m a little rusty, but we’ll see what happens!” LOL! Unfortunately, his team ended up losing to Hutcherson’s team, but there’s always next year!

To learn more about Straight But Not Narrow, visit their website HERE!

Plus, be sure to check out Dallas when it returns on Monday, August 18 at 9 p.m. on TNT!