Kim Kardashian: I’m Not Looking Forward to North West Getting on Social Media

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A few years from now, when North West is a little older (and we’re all a bit wrinklier), she’ll most likely have her own Twitter, Instagram and other social media accounts, just like her mother.

But as Kim Kardashian told Entertainment Tonight over the weekend, she’s dreading the day that happens.

“I feel really bad for my little sisters and I would really hate for the day when my daughter has to get on social media,” Kardashian said at the Teen Choice Awards red carpet.

“Because the comments, it’s like cyber bullying. Sometimes they can be so negative, they can be really uplifting too. That’s why sometimes when I need motivation to work out or ask for, you know, a different hair color, they are super positive and supportive. But it does suck when they can be negative,” she added.

Kardashian, who attend the award show with sisters Kendall and birthday girl Kylie Jenner, also shared details on her upcoming selfie book, Selfish.

“It’s funny. There’s even a section of selfies that I’ve sent Kanye [West] over the years that he saved. He sent them back to me and it’s going to be really fun.

Watch the rest of the red carpet chat, below.

[Lead photo courtesy of Instagram/Kim Kardashian]