Lady Gaga Dons a Wedding Dress, Smokes a Joint, Shares Snippets of New Music

It’s a nice day for a high white wedding.

Lady Gaga harnessed the power of social media to inform us that, yes, she still enjoys smoking the odd joint or two and that, indeed, she’s still trying to make the wearing of wedding dresses a more casual affair. (She also shared a little bit of new music, because she is, after all, a musician.)

Our Lady of Gaga was busy on the Instagram earlier today, sharing the following photos and videos. In the first photo, a selfie, she is seen in a white wedding dress, complete with veil, smoking a subtance that is highly likely marijuana. Her caption: “I Won’t Dance, Don’t ask Me.”

Soon this was followed by another selfie: same wedding dress, no joint, big round sunglasses that probably cost a lot of dollars. The caption reads, “My Heart Won’t Let My Feet Do a Things They Should Do.”

Both captions are  lyrics from “I Won’t Dance,” a standard famously sung by Frank Sinatra.  It’s a safe bet a cover of “I Won’t Dance” will appear on Cheek to Cheek, her collaborative jazz album with Tony Bennett. It’s also safe to assume that the music heard in the two short videos below, both of which feature clips of Gaga singing “Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye,” will make the album, too.

Gaga just wrapped up the North American leg of her artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball Tour in Vancouver on Saturday. Next, she heads to Asia — the continent, not her dog — and beyond. Speaking of Asia, Gaga also shared these photos today:

[Caption: “Saying goodbye to my little girl miss her already”]

[Caption: “Off to Tokyo I fed her like 1000 treats and sang her songs”]