Paris Hilton Makes An Absurd Amount of Money as a DJ

If you were wondering Paris Hilton’s been up to lately (and really, why wouldn’t you be?), it turns out the hotel heiress is making some serious bank as a DJ.

In fact, the former reality star raked in nearly $3 million dollars recently for a 4-night spinning gig at Ibiza’s club Amnesia.

Paris, who has a new album coming out soon, is actually spending the next two months at various turn tables and will apparently be raking it in along the way.

A source in Ibiza told the U.K. paper The Sun (via AZ Central), Paris is “making $2.7 million from the four nights — $347,000 an hour. The crowds do seem to enjoy it but most are too off their faces to care that she’s simply pressed play on a Beyoncé megamix.”

The 33-year-old “Stars are Blind” singer also retweeted links to several articles about her DJ wages, which seems to confirm the insane sum.

The lanky blonde socialite stands to make several more millions for her willingness to show up skills as she heads heads back to Ibiza tonight after a brief stint in Portugal and St. Tropez, France.

Paris shared this photo on her Instagram account with the caption: “Bye St Tropez! Taking off back to Ibiza! ✈️”

What a jet-setter!

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