Rihanna, ‘The World’s Wildest Style Icon,’ Covers ‘W Magazine’

The Monster Tour
Kylie and Kendall attend Rihanna and Eminem's big show.
The list of Rihanna’s iconic fashion moments —  from her midriff-baring Met Gala ensemble to the completely sheer dress she donned for the CFDA Fashion Awards — just got a little bit longer.

Rihanna took to Twitter to share new photos of herself in tribal furs, makeup, and jewelry, writing “#SeptemberIssue @Wmag” for each. From these subtle clues, we were able to deduce that Bad Gal has landed herself the September cover of W Magazine.

We were able to confirm this theory by visiting the website for W Magazine, which currently hosts the photos. According to their cover, Rihanna is “The World’s Wildest Style Icon,” and we can’t say we disagree.

None of the interview has yet been published, but Rihanna described the shoot, shot by Mert & Marcus, as Eskimo Horror Cover Story,” and so it will likely be worth a read when it is released. Until then, the photos do seem to match Bad Gal’s description.

In other Rihanna news, the World’s Wildest Style Icon (WWSI for short) kicked off The Monster Tour with pal and frequent collaborator Eminem last week. Kylie and Kendall Jenner were in attendance for the first show, which confirms that the tour is, in fact, kind of a big deal. WWSI’s ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown, attended Friday’s show, which does lead one to hope that we’re not going down that path again. Then again, Brown seems too busy sharing — then deleting — photos of himself licking women’s butts to devote his attention to Rihanna fully. Phew.