Taylor Swift’s Instagram Guessing Game Confirms What We Already Know

Remember when Taylor Swift posted three mystery clues on Instagram last week and made us all guess what she was talking about? (We tried guessing, 18 times, btw).

And remember when Yahoo! jumped the gun and accidentally made live a page that said Swift was going to hold a “Q&A Worldwide Live Stream?”

Well, it’s officially happening, according to Yahoo! and the singer herself.


While it’s unclear what Swift will actually be doing during this livestream, it looks like there will be an announcement of some sort. According to the contest page for New York residents (you can watch this livestream in person, just feet away from Taylor!), the 24-year-old entertainer will have some “exciting news” for her dear fans.

Let’s hope the news is a new album, which is what we all thought she was going to announce in the first place. So much guessing!

[Lead photo courtesy of FameFlynet]

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