Watch: Eli and Peyton Manning Rap About Fantasy Football

Eli Talks 'SNL'
Eli Manning reveals what it was like to hang with Rihanna on 'SNL.'
Yep, there’s another music video starring the Manning brothers.

One year after giving the world “Football On Your Phone,” Eli and Peyton Manning have traded their jerseys and helmets for well, rap attire.

Presenting “Fantasy Football Fantasy,” a piece made to support DirecTV’s new fantasy football channel.

There’s autotune, of course. Joe Namath makes a brief cameo and yes, he’s with some lady.

To date, “Football On Your Phone,” which finds the Manning brothers in big hair, ‘80s clothes and bling, has received some 8.2 million views on YouTube.

Watch the brothers rap, above. Then try to get the chorus out of your head.

The new NFL season begins on Sept. 4.