Watch: This Teenager Took a Selfie Every Day for Seven Years

Kim's Selfie Book
You'll never guess what Kim Kardashian is naming her new book...
There’s a new selfie celebrity in town.

OK so he’s not famous but his work gives Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and company a run for their money.

Meet Hugo Cornellier. He’s the guy who took a daily selfie for seven whole years. That’s right, he documented his growth from boy to (young) man, precisely, ages 12 to 19, and made a video for all to see on YouTube.

If you’re like me, you did the math to see if he really did take 2,555 or so photos.

“Out of 2500 pictures I should have, I’m missing about 50,” he told TIME this week.

Also, he hasn’t stopped taking these selfies.

“I still take a picture every single day,” he told TIME. “This will go on forever. I never plan on stopping.

Watch Hugo’s work, below. And let us know in the comments what fun things you can spot (such as his green face at the 30-second mark).