Paris Hilton Stars in ‘Oopsy DJ’

Paris Hilton looks like “Did I Do That?” incarnate while earning $347,000 an hour as a DJ, while the rest of us are stuck waiting for our friends to Venmo us that $11 owed to us so we can go and buy a cup of coffee. When we get that coffee, though, we’re gonna sit down, breathe deep, and enjoy today’s winning captions:

“I guess I’m totally not good at being at dj…oh well I’m still hot” – Nicholle

“Oooo I so need that Lil dog, She will fit perfectly in my new Louis Vuitton bag.” - Erika-paige

“Is that Lindsay Lohan flashing side boob again over there? Dang” – Hanna

“When the bas drops my face be like” – Rosi

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