Hilary Duff Joins the Mile High Club in New Single, ‘All About You’

It never rains, but it pours. After a years-long drought, Hilary Duff is back (again!) with new music. Her first single, “Chasing the Sun,” is so yesterday; today, it’s all about the glorious, new “All About You.”

Duff released the song today, and we have to agree with our friends at Idolator that it is a much better sampling of Duff’s talents than “Chasing the Sun.” It’s fun, it’s catchy, it’s sexy, and we’ve got just enough summer left to enjoy it properly.

Over a stomping beat, Duff says things like “You can be my dirty secret” and “take it up in first class (mile high).” Ooh la la! More like this please, Miss Duff! (But please, beware the banjo at the end.)

Duff recently spoke to Billboard about her new album, revealing that, in addition to fun songs like “All About You,” there will be a song about her split from Mike Comrie.

Listen to “All About You” up above and “Chasing the Sun” down below.