Kendall Jenner Denies Throwing Money at a Waitress

Kendall's Many Selfies
We know you're a model and all, but still. So. Many. Selfies.
Kendall Jenner’s getting fired up!

The 18-year-old model took to Twitter on Tuesday to deny reports saying she recently threw money at a waitress in New York City.

We told you yesterday, Kendall allegedly got angry after being denied alcohol while dining at Mercer Kitchen with 17-year-old Hailey Baldwin. FYI, the drinking age in New York is 21! The pair are then said to have left the restaurant without paying, and Kendall even went so far as to throw money at the waitress when she came looking for them. Yikes!

It looks like Kendall is trying to downplay all of the rumors though, telling her Twitter followers not to believe the stories.

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