Kim Kardashian Talks North and More Babies: ‘Of Course I Want to Have Another Child’

Kim's Selfie Book
You'll never guess what Kim Kardashian is naming her new book...
Kim Kardashian was the star of morning television on Tuesday when she paid a visit to The Today Show.

Speaking with Matt Lauer, the 33-year-old mom opened up about motherhood, married life and the question of the summer, whether or not she wants more children with Kanye West.

“I grew up with siblings. If I could just snap my fingers and have four I would have four,” she told Lauer. “But I do realize I’m going to have to go through the pregnancy again. Mine was really difficult . . . Of course I want to have another child. I would love two more but we’ll see. I’m going to have one more and see what it’s like.”

Here are some other highlights from Kardashian’s interview with Lauer, who appropriately called the reality star “Kim Kardashian West”:

On whether or not North is more like her mom or dad:

“I would say she definitely isn’t shy, like her dad. But she also doesn’t, if you ask her to do anything, like clap, walk, she shuts down. She doesn’t want to perform.”

On life with Kanye:

“He’s always been really protective and always treated me like we were that team from day one. I’ve seen more of a change in him as a dad and just as a person, just to really soften up since he’s become a dad.”

On her popular iPhone game “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood”:

“I think in the game you definitely see it’s just fun and it’s not really serious. You pick your friends, you pick your clothes. It’s just a fun little game. Kind of like when people get into ‘Candy Crush’ so much like, is it good to be obsessed with candy? It’s just something fun to do.”

On sister Kylie Jenner’s obsession with the game:

“[Kylie] called me the other day and said, ‘I just spent $300 on your game, I’m so addicted to this, how can I cheat? I know you can figure out a way for me to cheat.’”

Watch the rest of the interview, below. Kim Kardashian’s new selfies book, Selfish, arrives in stores in April 2015.

[Lead photo courtesy of Splash News Online]


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