‘That’s So Raven’ Star Kyle Massey Talks Cast Reunion and BFF Justin Bieber

Could a reunion be in store for the cast of That’s So Raven? Maybe, according to Kyle Massey.

The 22-year-old former Disney star was at the 3rd Annual Josh Hutcherson Celebrity Basketball Game on Friday, which was held to benefit the Straight But Not Narrow organization. We we’re lucky enough to talk to Kyle about his popular past show, plus he dished some inside scoop about BFF Justin Bieber. HINT: There might be a collaboration in the works for these two! Take a look at the interview below to see what Kyle had to say!

Kyle attended the event this past Friday and got to play an intense game of basketball with his friends. When asked why it was important for him to make it to the event, Kyle told us he wanted to support the cause and his pal, Josh Hutcherson. Kyle explained, “I love to support my friends when they make moves in the right direction, towards helping people and doing stuff like that. I’m always down to support it. I’ve known Josh for many, many years, so to see him put together something like this is pretty cool.”

Josh Hutcherson, Kyle Massey

When Kyle’s not out supporting friends, he’s hard at work. Kyle told us he has a lot of projects coming up, “I have this new show on FOX called Gotham that’s coming out. I’m also in Being Mary Jane, I have like five movies coming out this year. Just doing it all, I have a lot of music coming out too!”

Now that That’s So Raven has been off the air for seven(!!) years, we wanted to know if Kyle still keeps in touch with the cast! He told us, “Yeah I see them every now and then. I actually just saw Raven (Symoné) not too long ago and Anneliese (van der Pol), we might need to get the gang back together for one movie or something!” Yes, please!

On his downtime, Kyle likes to hang with friends like Justin Bieber. Kyle dished to us that the BFFs like to play basketball together, “He beat me! We actually played with Austin Mahone in Miami. Yeah, he beat us, obviously.” Now that’s a fun group of guys!

Since Kyle also told us that he’s been working on music lately, we wanted to know if there’s a collaboration in the works with him and Justin! Kyle wouldn’t confirm anything but hinted, “Maybe. You never know! You never know. It might already be done. You never know though! My lips are sealed.” That would be awesome!

Would you like to see a That’s So Raven movie? What about a musical collaboration with Kyle and Justin? Sound off in the comments!

To learn more about the Straight But Not Narrow organization, check out their website HERE!