Watch: David Attenborough ‘Narrates’ About Fan Girls in ‘Planet Earth’ Mashup

Ingrid's Fan Girls
Ingrid Michaelson had a pair of famous fans at her show in NYC.
A David Attenborough narration is always a good thing.

From the great creatures of the ocean to how humans live, Attenborough has described to us just about everything that’s fantastic about planet Earth.

Now, an Attenborough enthusiast has paired the great Brit’s voice with a phenomenon we’ve all struggled to come to terms with: the fan girl.

You know, those creatures who scream at the sight of musicians who can barely grow facial hair. These are the same girls who faint and cry when they are mere feet away from these idols.

“There’s little squabbling or fighting. Only in very hard times when the pride is extremely hungry will issues of priority be settled by fighting,” Attenborough’s voice says over a clip of screaming young girls.

Watch “nature’s greatest experiment,” above.