Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora Mine Quentin Tarantino’s Filmography for ‘Black Widow’ Music Video

Earlier today, Ariana Grande took us into space, and now Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora are taking us… on a tour of their DVD closet, apparently. Behold the highly anticipated, Quentin Tarantino-referencing music video for “Black Widow.”

The clip for Azalea’s previous video, “Fancy,” saw her and Charli XCX remaking ’90s classic Clueless. Azalea once again turns to film for inspiration in the “Black Widow” clip, which draws heavily from Tarantino’s Kill Bill films, particularly the Crazy 88/O-Ren Ishii fight sequences from Volume 1. (References are also made to Pulp Fiction in the diner scenes that bookend the video.) Really hammering the point home is the inclusion of Tarantino regular Michael Madsen, who appears throughout the video as the target of Azalea and Ora’s wrath.

Also of note: Katy Perry co-wrote the song, which explains why it sounds almost identical to “Dark Horse.” T.I. features in a cameo. Ora’s cleavage at the poker table scene is pretty intense. The Wickr product placement was none-too-subtle, but then again, at least it wasn’t Beats Pills.

Both volumes of Kill Bill were great movies, and the desire to reference them in a pop video is understandable, but perhaps Azalea should take a break from remaking iconic films before people begin to think she’s a one-trick pony. Besides, Lady Gaga and Beyoncé already made the greatest music video homage to Tarantino with “Telephone,” and that was only four years ago.

What do you you think of the video? Do you like it more than Grande’s “Break Free”? Less? Do you maybe even like it more than the Tarantino movies it references? Are you that much of a fan?