Josh Hutcherson Says Finishing ‘The Hunger Games’ Was Bittersweet

Josh Plays
Josh Hutcherson shoots hoops for charity.
The Hunger Games filming is over and done with and that saddens actor Josh Hutcherson.

“I miss it so much. It pains me every day a little bit when I wake up, that we’re not filming anymore,” he told reporters after Sunday’s Teen Choice Awards.

Josh and his cast members filmed the franchise’s final two Mockingjay movies over a period of 10 months. Josh recalled, “It was really tiring, but we were so sad to see it end.”

The film’s wrap party was quite bittersweet. “It was honestly hard to say it was a celebration because we were all so sad that it was coming to an end,” added Hutcherson.

“We had a little wrap party the night we finished. It was so great to see everyone there letting loose, but it was more sad. I don’t want to be melancholy, but we weren’t ready for it to be finished yet.”

Now if we can only get The Hunger Games author Suzanne Collins to whip up another book or two, Josh and the gang can get back to work.

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