Kim Kardashian: Here’s The Real Reason Rob Didn’t Attend MY Wedding

Rob Slams Ex
Rob Kardashian has a few choice words for Adrienne Bailon.
Rob Feuding With Sis?
Rob Kardashian reportedly hasn't spoken to Kim in months.
Much speculation has surrounded Rob Kardashian’s last minute decision to skip his sister Kim Kardashian’s wedding to Kanye West in May.

Many reports said there had been a huge fight between the siblings, with Rob feeling ostracized by the family for his weight gain.

Kim cleared the air on Tuesday night’s Watch What Happens Live, and it seems the whole scenario was perhaps less dramatic than it was made out to be.

Kim, who told host Andy Cohen that she and her younger bro are “so close” and he is one of her “best friends,” admitted that the the 33-year-old mom is a tough love person and her patience runs out when someone complains for a year and makes no changes.

Check out Kim’s full explanation above.

Kim also did the honor of taking a butt selfie with Andy Cohen because why not?