SURPRISE! Farrah Abraham Became a Stripper

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This is something we never saw coming: Farrah Abraham became a stripper, ya’ll!

The 23-year-old reality star turned porn star turned erotic novel writer is now turning on the pole in what she describes as “job shadowing” to “help her future.”

She decided to start her new endeavor after a couple weeks waiting at the Palazio Gentlemen’s Club in Austin, Texas and realizing she could be making more money if she got naked (le duh).

A source tells E! News, “She was hired a couple of weeks ago as a cocktail waitress but wanted to make more money dancing, so they moved her up to the stage.  She was on all three stages, the main stage and two side stages.”

And of course, Farrah excelled in her new, er, position.  She even learned how to rip off her sequined bra!

“She was definitely not shy and looked like she knew what she was doing,” the insider said. “She was wearing a nude thong and bejeweled bra. She wasn’t awkward at all and was actually quite good.”

Why is that not surprising to anyone?  OH! Right… That whole Backdoor Teen Mom thing probably gave her a bit of practice.

However, despite being good on the pole, Farrah insists this isn’t a new career path for her.

“I’m doing research,” she explained to E!. “A friend of mine works there and I’m researching. I’ve been trying out all the roles that make up a gentleman’s club, including cocktailing and dancing. There’s management and there’s cooking too. It’s job shadowing that I hope pays off.”

Then, in the most hilarious Farrah quote of all time, she adds, “In the same way Jennifer Aniston researched her role as a stripper, that’s what I’m doing. It’s how I get the information to write my books and do my movies. Unfortunately, I’m not free to talk about what those future projects may be. But I’m interested in hearing all the women’s stories. And while I’m doing it, I’m getting paid. I’m getting paid to play a role and get informed.”

I literally CANNOT.

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