Amazeballs: Oxford Dictionary Adds New Words, Including Side Boob, Hot Mess and YOLO, To Its Family

Miley's sideboob makes another, inevitable, appearances.
The Oxford family just got bigger, thanks to some of the words we love and hate to use on a daily basis.

When was the last time you wrote “amazeballs?” Who starred in your most recent gallery of celebrities showing off a little “side boob?”

On Wednesday, Oxford Dictionaries announced a new batch of words it will now recognize (and that you should freely use without shame).

Note to reader: this is not to be confused with the giant otherwise known as the Oxford English Dictionary.

Among the newbies: baller, bro hug, cray, douchebaggery, hot mess, listicle (of course), subtweet, vape and YOLO.

Somewhere out there, Drake is all like:


[Courtesy of Billboard/Tumblr]

Head over to the Oxford Dictionaries website to see which other new words made the cut.

Launch the gallery, above, for some of the best celebrity side boobs of recent.