Jennifer Lawrence and Alison Brie Will Make You LOL in This Failed TV Pilot

JLaw's BFF Speaks
Jennifer Lawrence's pal takes you behind-the-scenes.
Before Jennifer Lawrence won an Oscar and before we fell in love with Alison Brie on Community, they were both struggling actors trying to make it in Hollywood.

So, back in 2007, they decided to appear in a teen parody pilot called Not Another High School Show. This show never got picked up to air on television, but thanks to YouTube we now have the cringe-worthy video. Get ready to laugh, this video is just too much.

Alison appears as Muffy the Vampire Slayer in this failed pilot. The clip above shows Muffy searching for a wolf and stabbing a janitor in the school hallway. Yes, we’re serious.

Jennifer only has a cameo in this show, she plays a girl who starts screaming when she sees that “someone” stabbed the janitor. Take a look at the video above to see Alison and Jennifer in action! It’s so bad, it will actually make you laugh.

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