Pizza Onesie Showdown: Cara Delevingne Channels Her Inner Katy Perry in London

'Press Poop'
Cara Delevingne has a little message for the paparazzi.
Our worst pizza nightmare may be coming true.

It looks like pizza onesies are slowly taking over Hollywood. Following the unappetizing display from Katy Perry last week, Cara Delevingne has been spotted in her very own onesie.

Delevingne, who took a quick trip to Ibiza, Spain with friends to celebrate her 22nd birthday, opted to paint the town red, with cheese and pepperoni.

One of those friends was Suki Waterhouse, who documented the celebrations (and in doing so, confirmed that in was indeed Delevingne under that suit).

Before you order your own pizza suit (for a cool $99 here), weigh in on this cheesy trend.

[Lead photo courtesy of Instagram/Suki Waterhouse/Splash News Online]