VIDEO: Watch Lady Gaga Take Her Nose Piercing Up a Size

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett announce a joint jazz album.
Body modification isn’t anything new for our Queen, Lady Gaga, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that she’s chosen to share her latest piercing adventure on Instagram.

Although she didn’t get any new work done, it seems that a piercing shop caught her eye in Korea during some downtime between stops of her Artrave world tour. Naturally, and because she’d apparently had a bit to drink, Gaga thought it’d be the perfect spot to gauge up her septum piercing.

Captioned “Found a piercing shop in Apgujeong. Dope jewelry and Korean Metalheads running the shop. Needle plus alcohol equals happy gaga,” the first photo reveals the larger jewelry, which is larger in diameter than what she had before.

Oh, and don’t forget the video of the procedure, which may be a bit much for anyone not comfortable with the idea of shoving needles in your face..