Watch Kevin Hart Hysterically Harass and Rap Battle Dave Franco Because of ‘Madden Season’

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Leave it to funny men Dave Franco and Kevin Hart to promote your product and you’ll churn out nearly 2 million video streams in 24 hours.

EA Sports put that formula into action to advertise the latest incarnation of their Madden NFL video game series and the results are nothing short of astonishing hysterical.

You’ve really just got to watch the video above, which stars Dave and Kevin locked in a heated rap battle that borders on harassment (at least from Dave’s perspective). Full of bitch slaps, body slams and burning houses, these two have never been funnier and we’re thinking it’s because it isn’t often that they’re trying to make people laugh together.

The video went up on Friday and has already garnered more than 1.7 million views on Youtube.

And although Madden NFL 15 is only available for preorder, as it doesn’t arrive until August 26th, feel free to watch Kevin and Dave hit each other with excitement over and over again.