Happy Monday! Enjoy This Photo of Kim Kardashian’s Ass

Kim's Selfie Book
You'll never guess what Kim Kardashian is naming her new book...
It wouldn’t be the perfect week if we didn’t start it off with a picture of Kim Kardashian’s ass, right?

The 33-year-old reality star posted a new photo of her booty, giving us a full moon as she soaks up the sun on yet another Mexican vacation…

But there’s a catch.

You see the photo comes four weeks after she shared a very similar photo, wearing the exact same teeny bikini in the exact same spot (we know because of the basket in the background) while tanning on her previous Mexican getaway.

Either this is just a crazy coincidence, or we can feel a bit better that even the best selfie-taker on the planet can get too lazy to snap another perfect pic and thus reuses old ones to make them seem new. (That’s a mouthful, but I know you totally get what we’re saying… You’ve probably done it, too).

To make matters worse, Kim captioned the new/old booty-baring photo: “Let me sleep!!!!”  Because we’re totally convinced she was “sleeping” as this photo was snapped.

Anyway, as I LOL my life away, feel free to sound off in the comments below about the new booty snap.

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