Rihanna Touches Herself in Super Provocative Photo

Rihanna: IDGAF
rihanna nipples see-through sheer dress cfda fashion awards 2014
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Just as all the kiddos are heading back to class this week, Rihanna decides to share one of her most provocative photos yet with the message "school kills" as parents and educators erupt around the world.

But it's not the message that's got most people's attention here... It's the fact that her skirt is see-through, and you can clearly see that she's touching herself down there.


Beneath marijuana leaves, cigarette packs and labels of "pain," "shady" and "role model,"  bad gal RiRi grabs her vagina over black thong underwear.

And while this may seem absurd to many, it's become the norm for Rihanna who is known for her controversial decisions, racy photos and scandalous outfits.

Just last week the singer stepped out without any pants on a few days after she walked the streets in what appears to be lingerie.

Launch the gallery above to see more of Rih's racy photos.



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  • Mark Matchersky
    Mark Matchersky

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  • Debra Waters
    Debra Waters

    Get off RIRI and get on YOURSELF. She makes hers the same way others get theirs. People idolize beyonce for dry masturbating across the stage yet condemn RIRI, get a life. Oh, by the way add that Miley Cyrus to the list of provocative thots.

  • Tim Reigan
    Tim Reigan

    Looks just a little too comfortable, like she's doing it a couple hours a day. Is there a BP. in use

  • Maria Baker
    Maria Baker

    What doesn't kill you makes you stronger... I guess her "bad" experiences are killing her.

  • Jeff Rex
    Jeff Rex

    If she's so interested in being provocative then she should just do a layout for Playboy that is above and beyond what they normally do with celebrities. Including an extensive interview to go along with an extremely sexy and much anticipated portfolio!

  • Rafi Marengo
    Rafi Marengo

    Bye, Ashy! Lady CaCa II. Bored.

  • Will Strife
    Will Strife

    Hot slut. Nice pic.

  • Alain Lebret
    Alain Lebret

    Don't you think this is what she is aiming for? testing your opinions to see if she can go further? and all of you supporting her, you are giving her a green light, fuck...ers

  • Alain Lebret
    Alain Lebret

    Whats next? she will masturbate spread out naked for all your kids to see, you will still think it's a beautiful.? you fuck...g morons. I bet you will be outraged, I'm wrong?

  • Alain Lebret
    Alain Lebret

    If these fuckers here thing this is a beautiful, then it's also beautiful if a man go touch himself or masturbate in front of their kids. my question would you like it?

  • teebobaggins

    Rihanna is a brainwashed Illuminati puppet who has betrayed her own class to sell death to the lower classes whom the US plutocracy considers useless eaters. Her message is clear, addict yourself to tobacco, marijuanna and sex to make yourself weak and stupid. Then cut school to destroy your chance at higher education. The issue isn't about sex here at all but how the Illuminati are using artistic freedom as a ruse to press a genocidal agenda designed to lower the population of the lower classes.

  • Stephanie Faye Thompson
    Stephanie Faye Thompson

    Nothing wrong with this photo. She is simply stating by touching herself how many kids in school are having sex. Absolutely nothing wrong with this photo. It's beautiful.

  • Jim Steele
    Jim Steele

    It's a great photo. She's a beautiful young woman making a statement and having a great time doing it. Calm down kids.

  • Ralph Menta
    Ralph Menta

    A good friend of mine actually worked for her "crew of slaves" for a while. apparently she is a super-sized C*NT. A lot of people exaggerate but he was telling me that she literally believes she is better than anyone around her. If she was not famous in any way, just another person in the crown, NO ONE would pay attention to her. She is not ugly, but she is not pretty either if that makes any sense. She is a bossy mean bitch that will only get worse with time. Now I understand Chris Blue.......................

  • leta37

    What is this about, this fool is a fool 4realtho.... And yet this is sad behavior, this child is lonely and just totally out of order. She needs a mother to show her how to be a LADY.... Rihanna go ahead and do your true calling, PORN... Ummm ummm umm...

  • Buck Green
    Buck Green

    Rhianna has no more shock value. The public knows this ho is crazy.

  • flower13

    >>So let me get this straight....dudes can sag their pants and grab their junk all day long and nobody freaks out. A girl does it and there's an uproar? Please...<< Well said! and exactly what i was thinking! ......oh and btw article writer-----those aren't "pot leaves" they're palm trees! lol

  • Craig Grant
    Craig Grant

    I worked on a lot of schools doing construction and have talked to many teachers and faculty. Your kids are fking in school,do not blame this woman. One teacher I knew had to right a boy up three times in a month for masturbating in her 8th grade class. A janitor finds kids behind any closed door they can get their pants down and hike up their skirt. When I was in high school 37 years ago Kids did it or something close to it any chance they could. One guy was in the weight room bench pressing when the AD walked in to check on him and he was getting a BJ from his girlfriend. We act so shocked and blame who ever has on the shortest skirt. You want to know who to blame? One nature. Two YOU!

  • Brianna Rae
    Brianna Rae

    So let me get this straight....dudes can sag their pants and grab their junk all day long and nobody freaks out. A girl does it and there's an uproar? Please...

  • Shaun Smith
    Shaun Smith


  • Stephanie Faye Thompson
    Stephanie Faye Thompson

    I believe she is touching herself for the mere fact that a lot of kids in school are having sex now a days. Jeez. Just rip her one. She makes a valid point with her photo. No reason to go crazy about it.

  • areader

    So over rated!

  • why1983

    She's effin ugly. relax!. She looks like Sam Cassell and has no booty...ugh throw up in my mouth!!!

  • R Jerome Harris
    R Jerome Harris

    These celebrities are attention starved and playing the whole world. Controversy and being "outrageous" sells concert tickets. People buy into it even if they complain. The news networks give it coverage. Even this website is a part of the "big game" and playing you as well. All of this stuff are serious distractions from the "real-world" events happening around the world and keeping people kindergarten-level, to make one an emotional creature rather than rational and reasoning one. There should not be such a thing as "celebrity." Who told you that these persons are celebrities and stars and that their lives matter more or deserve more attention than your? Celebritydom is sucking the live out of our young people to such an extent, that they do not know who to behave, resolve conflict, or think about that which is serious. Persons like Rihanna are sellouts in the African American community and our worst enemies. They rarely encourage our young people to get an education.