Ben Affleck Takes the #ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Ben on Robin
The actor posts touching tribute to his 'Good Will Hunting' star.
Ben Affleck is the latest famous face to participate in the ice bucket challenge to raise awareness and money to fight ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), or as it’s often called “Lou Gehrig’s Disease.”

The Argo director joins the ever-growing list of celebs getting ice cold water dumped on their heads in the name of charity, and he even enlisted the “help” of his wife, Dallas Buyers Club actress Jennifer Garner.

Affleck, 42, was nominated for the #ALS ice bucket challenge by For Better or Worse director Tyler Perry, so Ben gladly accepted the challenge and also pledged to donate money to the ALS Association.

The Oscar winner shared his challenge on his Facebook page and this one’s pretty darn cute. We especially enjoyed hearing Ben and Jen’s brood giggle at the end, after their dad pranks mom. Priceless. Check it out below.

According to the New York Times, the ice bucket challenge has raised more than $13 million (and counting) to fight the terminal illness.