Find Out Why Christina Aguilera Named her Daughter Summer Rain

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We've heard of some pretty bizarre names for celebrity kids these days: Blue Ivy, North West, Egypt, Bear, Apple...

So it doesn't really come as a surprise that Christina Aguilera would also choose a unique name--Summer Rain Rutler--for her new-born baby girl... But where did she get the inspiration for it?

A source close to Aguilera tells E! News she simply wanted to be a bit creative.

"Christina wanted something different and unique for the baby's name," the source reveals.  "She loves how Summer Rain Rutler flows together and thinks summer is an amazing time of year."

The source adds, "She's always been a more expressive person and a little bohemian who is inspired by words and daily life."

The singer's daughter was born Aug. 16, right in the midst of summer, so the name is definitely fitting.  But it's also a tribute to Christina's newly found "hippie side."

According to the source, "Lately, she has been all about being natural and she's been showing her softer side.  Getting so into yoga has kick started her hippie side.  She loves it!"

Aww!! We can't wait to find out more about little Summer!

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  • graciesgoldstar

    what a celebrity names their children is none of the public's business the parent chose to be famous the child didn't. what a child is named has nothing to do with the time of year they are born it's a coincidence that she was born in the summer for example Robert Redford was born in the summer and his name has nothing to do with the season it's after his father