‘Homeland’ Season 4 Trailer: Carrie Goes to Work

First Look
'Homeland' Season 4 gets a tiny teaser and Carrie is maaaaaad.
Here’s another look at the upcoming season of Showtime’s Homeland, set to return Oct. 5.

Perhaps the most heartbreaking moment comes when Carrie (Claire Danes) trades in her baby for her job.

“I told you, they’re sending me back, I don’t have a choice ,” she tells her sister (Amy Hargreaves).

What, did you expect Carrie to multitask like the rest of us and catch the bad guys while taking care of her daughter?

The new trailer also shows more vignettes from Pakistan and Afghanistan, where the fourth season is set.

There’s another grand remark from Saul (Mandy Patinkin), Peter (Rupert Friend) looks so tired and so done, and a newbie (Corey Stoll, who plays the CIA chief based in Pakistan) makes his debut.

Homeland returns with two brand new episodes on Oct. 5 on Showtime. Watch the trailer, above.