Maine Teen Gets Meta, Poses for Mug Shot Wearing T-Shirt of Old Mug Shot

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The 20 greatest celebrity mug shots of all time.
Meet Robert Burt.

He’s 19, lives in Maine and earlier this month was arrested for operating under the influence and driving with a license.

But no one really cares about that. Nope. All we want to talk about is Robert’s mug shot.

You see, Burt was arrested back in June. There was another mug shot (apparently posed in shirt that had a cat sitting on a couch with a Bud Light).

That mug shot has since been made into an orange T-shirt — the same one he wore for his booking photo at Somerset County Jail on Aug. 8.

To make sure his super meta Macaulay Culkin/Nicolas Cage moment was captured on film, Burt was apparently told by the booking officer to hold the slate above the image on his T-shirt.

“They laughed there [sic] asses off haha,” the teen reportedly wrote on Facebook two days after his arrest.

[Lead photo courtesy of Somerset County Jail]

[h/t The Smoking Gun]