Dip It Cro’: Rita Ora, Chrissy Teigen, and That Time We Didn’t Eat Cronuts With Them

FUN FACT: The glorious meeting of Rita Ora and Chrissy Teigen over what appears to be cronuts and dipping sauce took place just a few blocks from our NYC offices, and the reason we didn’t go is because, to be honest, we all forgot it was happening. And for that, we will forever kick ourselves. Still, at least we have this photo and today’s winning captions.

“F*ck now I know why Rob Kardashian is fat, this sh*t called food is bomb! ” – Stephanie

“Why did you steal the tin foil for your dress Rita? Oh and ps) Madonna is Looking for her wig circa desperately seeking Susan” – Kirsty

“Does this lip gloss taste as good as it smells!” – Aiden

“Omg, Girl I’m about to hurt myself, these are finger-licking good.” – Sherice

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