Kourtney Kardashian Gets Leggy for Natural Health Magazine

Kourtney's Nude
The reality shares matching mommy-daughter baby bump pics.
A glowing Kourtney Kardashian is featured on the cover of the September/October 2014 issue of Natural Health magazine and reveals that she is secretly a healthy living enthusiast!

Who knew?

She told the magazine:

“I was not raised this way—people just weren’t as aware of healthy eating as they are today. When I got home from school, my snack was a bag of chips or cookies, and as an adult, I didn’t even know what organic meant—I’d just go to the market and buy the same things my mom bought. I didn’t really have any thoughts about it before I had my kids. Starting off, I was big on breastfeeding; I nursed my first for 14 months and my second for 16. That was important to me. Then I began making their baby food myself, all of it organic. After that, I was super cautious about what to introduce into their diets. I called a bunch of the restaurants in my neighborhood that I had assumed served all-organic food, and so many didn’t!”

You’ll never guess how she taught herself “how to eat.”

“I got really into Ayurveda and did the Panchakarma cleanse [a detoxification treatment involving massage, herbal therapy and other procedures]. Through that, I met my yoga teacher, who taught me her way of preparing food. We would do yoga for an hour and then she’d stay for another hour and cook with me. That’s where I got all of my rules. In our house, we do everything whole: whole milk and full-fat cheeses. And I use ghee and coconut oil for cooking. I turn to my Ayurvedic friends for health advice when it comes to my kids, too. If Mason or Penelope has a rash, I’ll look into natural treatments first. But they have their pediatrician, and I’m not afraid to give them medicine if it gets to that point.”

Smart move Kourtney.

Read the full interview in the September/October 2014 issue of Natural Health, on newsstands Thursday the 21st!