Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’ Music Video is Basically a Twerk Fest with a Sprinkle of Drake

Yep, Nicki Minaj’s full music video for “Anaconda” is finally here.

After weeks of teasing fans with preview clips, the singer unveiled her masterpiece last night.

If you’ve been keeping up with Nicki, you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that the video is just more of what we’ve been teased with: butts.

Nicki’s butts and her dancers’ butts are everywhere: in the jungle, in front of a white backdrop, at the “gym,” at some hot springs and of course with Drake (who sits in a chair while dear Nicki delivers twerk after twerk).

The video also includes light product placement for Nicki’s drink of choice, her Myx Fusions Moscato, and the detox tea line MateFit.

Ready for some good ‘ol twerking? Watch “Anaconda,” above.

(Some lyrics may be NSFW).



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  • Delvita Johnson
    Delvita Johnson

    She is no role model for the kids that fake ass Barbie doll shit she had going on she was never a barbie doll she's letting the world know this is how she really is (NASTY !!!!!!) She should b ashamed of her self an as for Miley Cyrus she's just a kid striving for attention an recognition,Nicki you a grown ass women u should know better ughhhhh you lil Nasty have more respect for yourself

  • ssuas

    She has no TALENT at all! I can't stand her voice!

  • Cassandra Elaine Gentry
    Cassandra Elaine Gentry

    She's cute but how is that considered music??