Breaking Hair News: Justin Bieber Shaved His Tiny Mustache

Bieber's Bum
Justin Bieber exposes his behind at the beach in Spain.
Somewhere out there, a small handful of Beliebers are trying to cope with the loss of something that’s been on Justin Bieber’s face for far too long: his teeny tiny mustache.

On Wednesday, the Biebs shared a shaving video on Instagram. My favorite is when he says “R.I.P. stache”:

So much better, right?

This is what Bieber looks like now:

In other Bieber news, it looks like the 20-year-old’s fragrance has not been doing very well. According to a new earnings press release, Elizabeth Arden claims that sales for Bieber and Taylor Swift’s fragrances experienced a steeper decline than anticipated.

Maybe the tiny mustache had something to do with it…

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