Justin Bieber May Have Smuggled Some Criminals Into Canada

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Even Canada isn’t too thrilled with Justin Bieber.

A Canadian border official has been fired after allegedly accepting a bribe from Biebs’ entourage to smuggle his friends into the country. According to Toronto publication Now Magazine, two Canada Border Services Agency officers have stepped forward to claim that a chief at the Niagara Falls crossing has been terminated after receiving up to $10,000 worth of backstage passes in exchange for letting several Americans with criminal records through.

The officers say at least two members of the singer’s posse, who allegedly had criminal pasts, were issued temporary resident permits to enter Canada for several days during one of Bieber’s tours.

News of the visa scheme surfaced after another group of Bieber’s pals showed up at the same border crossing weeks later seeking similar treatment. Since then, the CBSA issued an internal memo — seen below — to its staff, reminding border officials that accepting a bribe is a breach of policies and officers should report any suspicious behaviors.

Professional Standards Investigation in Southern Ontario – Canada Border Services Agency

“Behavior that breaches these standards will not be tolerated,” CBSA spokesperson Esme Bailey tells Now. “Upon learning of allegations of serious misconduct in the Southern Ontario Region, the Agency took immediate action.”

“When behavior falls short of these standards, individuals will be subject to disciplinary measures, up to and including termination of employment for cause,” Esme continues in an email, adding that there is an internal investigation though she cannot discuss its results or “the possibility of police involvement.”

Though it is unclear when the bribe took place, Bieber’s most recent Canadian concert date was in July 2013 when he played two sold-out shows in Toronto’s Rogers Centre.