Kim Kardashian Suffers Double Nip Slip Or Nah?

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Kim Kardashian may have suffered not one, but two major fashion mishaps last night.

The 33-year-old reality star attended a Violet Grey beauty event in Los Angeles Thursday, donning a sexy, black cutout jumpsuit that may have been a little too sexy for her own good…

It appears something peculiar is going on with her boobs, and it’s sparked much speculation: Could it really be a doublenip slip?!

Looking at a close up of the photo we see some darker, flesh-colored areas peeking out from her cutouts, which closely resemble what could be Kim’s areolas.

However, if we’re really getting deep into analysis here, anatomically speaking it’s physically impossible for her nipples to be in those places.  And while we’re all secretly hoping her boobs are just deformed some how, let’s be honest, Kim would never allow anything on her body to be less than perfect–plastic surgery would have fixed them up real quick!

So where does that leave us in our nip-slip investigation?

The flesh-colored things coming out of her top are probably pieces of fashion tape… And someone is about to lose her job for not figuring it out before these embarrassing photos were shot.


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