Friday Friday Fashion Flashback: A Look Back at the VMA’s Best Dressed Over the Last 10 Years

The MTV Video Music Awards on THIS SUNDAY!  Can you believe it’s already been a year since we burned our eyes witnessed Miley Cyrus’ twerk-tastic “We Can’t Stop” performance?

Well, it has… And now we’re getting ready for a whole new gamut of craziness coming through with the list of performers this year.

However, while the performances are sure to be heated, the fashion might get even HOTTER!

The VMA’s are an awesome time for fashion because celebs really get to run wild with their unique styles.  It provides the perfect opportunity for musicians, actors and presenters at the show to try something different, edgy or out of their comfort zone.

However, sometimes celebs get a little too wild with their style, ending up on our lists of Worst Dressed… But luckily for the celebs in today’s edition of Friday Fashion Flashback, they ended up on the good list, marking some of the best dressed celebs in VMA history.

Launch the gallery above to see who we awarded the highly-acclaimed title then comment below on some of your faves!